I am Siva. 30+ Years old from India. I work as a engineer for a MNC here. I am married and have a son 6 months+ old.

This blog is about my journey towards Financial Independence. After reading some blogs online, I got interest in sharing my journey towards Financial Independence and retire early to others online.  Though I wanted to reach FI very early, I have some debt in form of loans. I decided to write this blog so that I can be accountable and I can get suggestions from the fellow bloggers world wide.

More about me later in this blog.


I am not a certified or registered financial advisor and do not hold a license from any organisation. Everything written on this blog are my own personal journey and opinion. This blog is for pure knowledge and experience sharing. It is never an advice on what how and where you need to invest. If you need this advice, then please reach out to a financial service expert.