Earnings Update- 2018-January

money falling in the sky and green grass background

Here is my update on Income for the month of January-2018.

Primary source of income is my salary from my employer. I use my income for my family expenses and investing in EPF, mutual funds and repaying home loan EMI. I have not disclosed my income here, they are peanuts compared to what other earn :-).

As a side hustle I semi-actively do share trading to increase trading capital. Every month I pay personal Loan EMI from this account. So profit or loss I withdraw some amount from this account. For this month I have made a profit of 11.47% of the previous month ending balance.

Blogging, I have not yet monetized my site yet and I don’t see that in near term horizon.

I am not really in to P2P lending before. I have started this in the month of February.


Summary of the Income:

Salary from my Employer – (undisclosed)

Trading in Shares – Rs. 65733 (11.47% of trading capital)

Blog Income – 0

P2P Lending – 0


I ended in profit for the month of January and I am happy for that. Folks, what up in your earnings. How was your January month?

Wishing you are successful month of February.




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