2018 Goals

Happy New year folks,

Same like every new year i decided to put forth some new year resolutions both related to my work and personal. I have had many such resolutions not passing the day 4 of January. But last year was different I had such one goal went past 4 months till April, it was related to my work.

Why my resolutions are not going beyond that? it is because I was not accountable to any one. No body questions me neither do I question myself for not working towards my new year resolutions.

But, This year is not going to be same. Why? Because I have the goal written now in this blog. I am going to list down my goals below. My goals are going to be measured and within achievable range. I am not going to set a hard goals. They are going to be easy for a kinder garden kid.

Goal-1: Blog posts

This year I will do 24 posts in this blogs. Is it not a very simple goal? It is for other bloggers. They have hundreds of blog posts already done and they have few of them laying in their drafts. I have read a blogger who admits that he had a blog post in his draft for few months before he posted that because he had other blog post ideas coming up every day. Phew that was a mouth opening thing for me. I do not get ideas that soon.   For me it will be a very big task.

Okay, Here is the plan for me. 24 blog post that is 2 posts per month. Well every two weeks i have to do one post. Now the work is simplified. I will be posting my trading earnings in one post for every month. Also I will be posting my share trading idea every now and then. I will also setting a reading goal (see Goal No.4 below), I will be sharing a blog post on that also. Well now two post ideas for every month is ready. The point is I have to do them.

Do you know why i made a very simple goal? Yes to boost my morale. I do not want to set big goals like 1000 posts and i do not want to sit up set because i abandoned my goals. So a simple task of 24 post and measurable time span of 12 months.

GOAL-2: A Rupee Challenge (a.k.a Dollar Challenge)

Many of the personal finance community know this dollar challenge. So my daily task will be to set aside or put 1 rupee on day 1 of  2018 and 2 rupee on day 2 of 2018 and so on till 365 rupee on the last day of the year 2018. This task is only to make me discipline. Though I am investing in few other mutual funds every month in a disciplined manner, this challenge will increase my morale.

So at the end of the year i will have Rs.66795 with me. The catch is not save money but to do a activity daily without a break. So from today I will be doing this and will report this in every month earnings post. I also have a calendar print out and will strike our each day once the task is done.

GOAL-3: Trading only within my strategy circle.

Yes, I do have a strategy for my trading and well, I do not follow that. Every time i place a trade and my emotions come in to play. Either I do close my wins for a very small profit or leave my losing positions even after the stop loss is hit. Earlier i did not have a strategy, i trade every thing i see, stocks, currency, commodities, options, futures.

This year I will follow my strategy, I have them written and printed. I will be true here, if in case I am not following my plan, I am going to confess here, why i didn’t follow my plan. I shall explain my strategy about trading and why i do that later in a different blog post.

Goal-4: Reading.

I was not a bright student at school or college. Well i was just below average and I always prefer not to share my score card with others. One thing i admit here is i am poor in reading and comprehending what i have read. Reading makes me boring. The books I have read so far can be count with fingers. I once set a reading challenge in goodreads.com and i never looked back to that website after few days.

I have read some where the legends like warren buffet read books and financial reports entire day. I have seen a relative of my friend who reads everything he see, news paper, articles, magazines and even the packing paper (Some packing are done with newspaper in local grocery store). I wonder how they do it? I feel it is very difficult to read a whatsapp message longer than 10 lines. Well what do they name it? lazy or dumb?

So this task will increase my reading habits. I follow few blogs on personal finance, value investing and read articles in them regularly. I will make a blog post every month about 10 interesting articles i have read and a small explanation about why i think they are worth reading according to me. That does not mean they are only 10 best. There are millions of articles out there they are best in their respective category. I will be posting what has fascinated in which i have read. This activity will also help to me achieve my Goal No.1 with ease.

Well that is all 4 goals for this year 2018. My Aim is to do goal 1, 2 and 4 then goal 3 will follow me. To me being discipline equals financial freedom. I think these goals are my baby steps to increase my financial discipline.

Again, A happy and prosperous new year to every one. May this and every year to come bring good health and happiness to every living being in this world.

Ah. I did not notice this is a 1000+ words blog post. 🙂


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